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Engagement Ring guide

Engagement Ring Buying Buying the perfect engagement ring is as easy as "A,B,C." A is for "Ask" If you're ready to shop for an engagement ring, it might be the right time to start asking for advice. Friends and family who have recently gotten engaged are a great place to start, but why not ask the many experienced jewelers in our Jewelers Connect network? Engagement ring shopping is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. Getting advice from people you know can help, but having access to information from jewelers who can not only answer the questions you have, but who have the experience and skills to educate you is invaluable. The same rules apply in engagement ring shopping as they do in life - there are no stupid questions! We're here to assist you when you are ready, just ask!

B is for "Budget" When it comes to ring shopping, a 2017 survey by TheKnot found the average spend is $6351, up 25% from an average spend of $5095 in 2011. In the past, popular thinking on setting an engagement ring budget was to use your salary as a guide. 2 - 3 months salary was the general "rule," back then, but the truth is that everyone has a different set of circumstances to consider when determining their budget. Many factors, such as whether you have an heirloom stone that you want to use for you engagement ring, or if you are leaning towards a non-traditional center stone, such as a colored gemstone, will all affect the final cost of the ring you choose. Other options, such as financing, layaway or trade-ins can help budget dollars stretch to accommodate a dream engagement ring. Our network of Jewelers Connect jewelers have experience in creating engagement rings to fit every style, size and budget. We know how to help you stretch your budget into the perfect engagement ring bling! C is for "Communicate"

Aside from determining the average spend for an engagement ring, that 2017 survey from TheKnot of more than 14,000 engaged or recently married individuals, also discovered that only one in three marriage proposals are a surprise. This is attributed to the fact that partners are more meticulously planning and discussing their future together long before the actual proposal takes place. You may not always notice when she changes her nail polish, but buying an engagement ring without input from your significant other can be tricky to say the least. If you plan on making the purchase without the input of your significant other, then its important to know her taste and sense of style. Shopping together is a great way to take the pressure off yourself if you're worried about choosing the perfect ring, but it can also present its own set of challenges, especially when there are budget considerations. Some couples are able to openly communicate about the engagement ring budget, while for others, it might present more of a challenge. If you want the experience of engagement ring shopping with your significant other, but are concerned things might get sticky when it comes down to dollars and cents, then we encourage you to communicate with our Jewelers Connect jewelers. Our jewelers can help create the perfect ring shopping experience for you by working with you from the comfort of your home, and will create an environment designed for the ultimate engagement ring buying experience.