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JewelersConnect.com is the only site in the world that is dedicated to get you connected with the most trusted, skilled jewelers in the industry as well as making sure you get the best prices on all your jewelry needs. JewelersConnect.com is quite different then your normal shopping experience. For instance, instead of viewing showcases and going to multiple stores or endlessly searching for better deals online you simply post a picture of the jewelry you want with any requirements you may have and jewelers will send you their best prices. We wanted to make sure it was fair to you and the jewelers so we made it where jewelers are unable to see each others quotes which guarantees you an honest best price upfront and the jewelers are not just underbidding each other.

To ensure you’re connecting with only honest, trustworthy, skilled jewelers we perform thorough investigations on the jewelers along with a complete business background check before allowing them to connect with you. Once jewelers are cleared to work with JewelersConnect® we continuously monitor their business for any changes to make sure that we only bring you quality jewelers. When your using JewelersConnect.com the jewelers you will be working with are independent jewelry companies so you can expect to have a more personal connection with the jewelers.

One thing you can be sure of is whether you want custom jewelry, jewelry repairs or need a jewelry appraisals you can get the best quotes all on one site from only quality, trusted jewelers. Click “Register” at the top of the page to get started. It’s free and easy to use.